10 foods to be avoided to make the abdomen

It is clear that the issue now circulating in the network is more marked abdominal next summer, and although we have spoken on many occasions not to leave for the last four months to try to enter the suit last year, we are going to give a list of 10 foods that you must avoid for that purpose.

Not really are 10 foods that should be avoided , as some are categories thereof or ways of cooking, but ultimately there are 10 food key to be avoided if what you want is to lose fat, which is what we must do to show the abdomen.


10 foods to avoid

  • Fried and battered: this category can encompass all foods to be deep-frying to be made.Worse foods fried well, albeit in a little oil, they are coated with flour or bread crumbs. So forget fries, croquettes, San Jacobos, squid … a disastrous pump to our level of fat.
  • Pastries: all buns, as a rule, are high in fat and added sugars to enhance flavor, and also within the most are saturated fat and some Tran’s fats products are harmful to our bodies.
  • Mayonnaise: while mayonnaise could be included in the next section where we talk about the calorie sauces aside deserves mention because it is the worst fat of all, with a lot of fat that often exceeds 80% of GDP.Even light mayonnaise is high in fat because it is required to have 30% fewer calories than the regular product.
  • Calorie sauces: there are some light sauces that could be used as they have only 3% fat or too few carbohydrates as the light ketchup, but to mark the abdomen need to lose fat 10% (for standard) so you better not take any sauce, or as much balsamic sauce.
  • Sweets / Confectionery: these products are so sugary that trigger blood glucose levels, thereby to counteract the toxic effects of excess insulin hydrates become simple fat will segregate.
  • Salty snacks: apart from snacks like chips, popcorn, worms … that would be included in fried there are other snacks that lead nuts, but on the one hand the majority are high in fat but are unsaturated and also carry a lot of salt you’re going to do too retain fluids, which you plug into the abdominal excess.
  • Refreshments: all soft drinks other than light have a lot of sugars, indeed even those who are not as sweet or bitter tonic has too much sugar.You can opt for the light but not excessively, the gas is not good for the body or for the protein assimilation.
  • Ice: as it approaches the summer and good weather quintessential dessert or quick snack for any time is ice cream.Do not be fooled by the poles because although it seems that is all the fluid that carries water has a lot of sugar.
  • Cakes: At this point we wanted to draw the cakes as the worst that can eat dessert after a meal, but could also include almost all sugary desserts like toast, pastries, toast, biscuits … in any case you need some dessert choose an Apple.
  • Junk food: in this section or category will encompass all types of fast food or junk food as there are burgers, pizzas, the kebabs, tacos … plus it is cooked with a lot of fat, simple carbohydrates and food combine processed, maybe if you go somewhere to eat fast food you opt for a buffet where you can select foods properly.
  • Sausages: the sausages as a rule have lots of fat and in some cases lead hydrates for more flavors, like the sausage starch turkey or chicken.The best are the Iberians, the pork loin for example, even as round 6 grams of fat per 100, the ideal is that you send your intake of chicken or turkey without added carbohydrate.

Biscuits: These foods are often very misleading for names to be used as bait, in which words are used or derived from Diet, or Comprehensive Health, but only the name because any cookie has a large amount of simple carbohydrates and saturated fat, and even now they have released varieties low in saturated fat, the amount of calories you are not valid if we want to score lower abdominal fat.

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