25 day normal eggs and cholesterol how do you explain?

For a long time, a man with mental illness based his diet intake eggs only, so much so, that at 88 years of age and eating 25 eggs a day caught the attention of many scientists who found that his cholesterol was normal.

The key is knowing how it is possible with an exaggerated intake of cholesterol, with no input fiber or phytosterols, this man who ate 25 eggs a day were only 200 mg / dL total cholesterol and 142 mg / dL of LDL or bad blood, equivalent to normal results, no health risks.

The scientists provide proof cholesterol in large quantities with normal eating habits and found that in them, this lipid levels in blood itself is markedly increased, as absorbed about 50% of ingested or provided cholesterol while this old man who consumed 25 eggs a day, absorbed only 18% of dietary cholesterol.


Thus, it is thought that the body of this old man who long based their diet intake of eggs and nothing else, has been adapted so that less cholesterol is absorbed and also less cholesterol is produced in the liver, in order to compensate intake and thus balance the levels in your body.

Man of the 25 eggs a day was in good health despite his addiction and eating disorder that led him to eat only eggs and had no cardiovascular risk judging by their laboratories.

How do you explain that?

In addition to the adaptations the body can suffer to achieve a balance in certain aspects, in this case in the metabolism of cholesterol, we must never forget that most of the cholesterol is synthesized in our body, that is, it comes from an endogenous synthesis more that what we eat.

On the other hand, it is important to know that cholesterol is synthesized in the liver from fat as triglycerides in our body, they rise not only fat we eat, but also by the intake of simple carbohydrates or sugars, this old did not use at all, which may have contributed to their normal levels of blood lipids.

Also, it has been proven long ago that the mere reduction of cholesterol we eat almost unchanged cholesterol levels in the blood, therefore, does not contribute to the decrease in the body and again we see how really cholesterol food, little or no effect on cholesterol in our body.

All this leads us to believe that in fact, no egg or other food rich in cholesterol can produce large changes in the levels of this lipid in blood and although current recommendations continue to include a moderate intake of cholesterol in the diet perhaps all this change.

In fact, as recently discussed , there are scant evidence confirming its influence on blood levels and health risks.

Apparently, science does not support the current recommendation to eat less than 300 mg per day of cholesterol and recent studies on the matter confirm that cholesterol can vary in many ways, may even affect different organisms genetically different way, but until the time, as was proven in humans consuming 25 eggs a day, you can not say that cholesterol we eat affects their blood levels.

The importance of this event which served to analyze the metabolism of cholesterol is that we know that in all human health is not always equal to or mathematician, therefore, we must look at the whole and although consume 25 eggs every day did not raise cholesterol this man is not at all advisable to bring a solution based on a single food diet.

Take care habits in general, looking beyond the cholesterol we eat and paying attention to all of our diet, stress level, rest, exercise and rest, we can really take care of our health.

Soon the new US Dietary Guidelines will be published and there we will see what happens with cholesterol and whether or not to include a recommendation about their intake.

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