Make the most of the gym avoiding these errors

Are you one of those that you go to the gym every day and still not get the expected results? Well, the reason may be as simple as you’re making some easy mistakes to avoid.

Today we tell you how to make the most of the time you spend in the gym, avoiding certain errors common that we often make that prevent us from getting the desired results.

The gym is a perfect tool to achieve, physically, the result we want; but this is only possible by carrying out proper discipline and having cleared some concepts to follow when training.

Some of your mistakes when battling towards a “perfect” body may be that you have today, so take note of them and correct them, because it is the fundamental step towards your target muscle.

poor technique

The longer … better!

A common mistake, especially for people who are new to the adventure of joining a gym for the first time, to think that the longer you’re training better results we get, and that is beyond reality.

The important thing about training is not the time but the quality of it. There are people who spend two or three hours a day training, because they think that is what best result will give them, but … why do it in two hours what can be done in a correct way?

Besides this, we have to consider the body and muscles also need your recovery time and rest. Many times, train excessively or followed specific areas or muscles without giving them the rest they need, not do nothing but worsen precisely what we seek to improve.

Do not plan your routine

Conduct a training own individual is essential. Forget to look sideways to see how others do, or be inspired by the advice of the person (according to him), most know the gym.

At first, as usual, if you are not used will cost control and remind everyone of your new exercise routine; calm, help yourself a print routine to have it well in sight and controlled.

qualified coach

There are qualified coaches (though not abound in every gym), which can guide and clarify your doubts. Each person are one world and seek different goals or expectations, looking you yours!

Apply low intensity to your workouts

The stimulus we apply it to our body, through the intensity of our training is essential when it comes to perceive the results we seek. Spend an hour in the press, desperate intensity while chatting with fellow train. It is a clear example of what we are doing wrong.

And with this we return to the previous point: longer is not necessarily better. Try to make the most of increasing intensity, regardless of the type of training that you make your goal or your gender, training intense enough. Now you think, do not you often can with a “little” more?

That’s what we want! Try to improve yourself every week and increase, through the intensity, the quality of your training; that is what will take us to get results.

Working with poor technique

Having a good technique when doing the exercises is crucial, not only to achieve objectives, but also to avoid damage or injury. Help yourself to the mirrors to control and observe both your posture, as the conduct of the exercise itself. The mirrors are not for looking at your muscles!

It’s important to do fewer exercises or repetitions of a right way, to make them as a “madman” without any discipline or control do not forget!

Always check the position of your shoulders, trunk and back is correct, without bias or shrinks and the range or extent of your movement is optimal, always controlling and respecting time negative phase in reruns.

Each day that passes over your body perfected the technique until the time when you just need to guide you through the mirror. There is nothing more effective than an exercise done correctly and fluently, let short strokes and shakes for those who want to improve!

Unnecessary distractions

Control your rest periods between sets, of which we discussed in our post” Optimize your training: rest between sets” and begins with the following when the time is right. The gym is to train not to spend half of talking to the next time, let alone to go to link or that it does disturb the train and take it seriously.

Distractions only lead us to waste time unnecessarily extending our training and not getting the most out of our day, doing well, that our training is not quality.

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