Can You Spot the Signs of Aging?


When we age, we start to experience signs of that on our skin. We can’t turn the clock back, but we can certainly do things to make us appear younger. Your skincare regimen is absolutely vital to achieving this and you must start young. The wrinkles you start to see from your 30s and 40s onwards are actually formed in your late teens and 20s. Let’s take a look at some of the most common signs of aging.

The Signs of Aging

  1. Wrinkles, lines and age spots start to appear on your face. This is due to a decrease in collagen and elastin, both responsible for the good condition of your skin.
  2. Your skin becomes thing, rough and somewhat transparent. This happens when the body stops retaining fat in the face, leaving the eye sockets, temples, nose, chin and cheeks to appear more hollow. Your hands and neck also become less firm and it is easy to damage it. This is because blood vessel support is not as strong.
  3. Your skin may start to itch and feel dry. This is because it is somewhat dehydrated and demonstrates why it is so important that you use a good moisturizer. You won’t just notice this on your face either, with dry spots appearing on the forearms, lower legs and elbows. You may also notice that the cold air during winter (or off the air conditioner during summer) makes this condition worse. The dryness is caused because our sweat and oil glands don’t function as well anymore when we age. Additionally, we tend to expose our bodies to a range of chemicals, including environmental pollutants, antiperspirants, hot baths, soaps, and the sun, which all make it worse. Certain behaviors, like not drinking enough water, being stressed, smoking and exposing you skin to the sun, may also make it worse.
  4. Facial varicose and spider veins appearing, including on the face. They often show up on the eyelids, upper chest, neck, forehead and nose. Fair skinned women are most at risk of developing these veins, particularly if they have also had a lot of sun exposure.
  5. Wrinkles, which are perhaps the most obvious sign of aging, and the one we tend to notice first. Luckily, you can seek out Botox treatments in San Jose to help you address these signs.
  6. Changes in your hair. Men in particular start to lose their hair, most often on the top of their head and near their temples, leaving the skin exposed. This can also happen in women, although it is less common. More common in men and women alike is grey hair. This is true not just for the hair on top of our heads, but also facial hair such as beards and mustaches.

You cannot stop Father Time, unfortunately, but if you start looking after yourself early enough, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and having a good skin care regime, you certainly can do things to slow him down significantly.

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