All You Need to know about ALL Kinds of Elliptical Machines


Elliptical machines are the new breakthrough in the inside running exercise machines. The machine’s mechanics mimics the motion of running without the actual impact. People with knee problems cannot run for long hours as work out session. The best option for them is the elliptical machine. A normal session of workout in elliptical machine includes 30 minutes of working out. In 30 minutes of work out session, a human body can burn 180 to 270 calories. Normal treadmills have an impact on legs like normal running and there are no adjusting options too. However, elliptical machine is highly adjustable and hence more efficient in fat burning.

Choosing the Perfect Machine

In terms of fitness machines, the customers should not compromise. There are some factors following which is important before buying the elliptical machine. If you are buying from a shop or a dealer then it is always best to try the product before purchasing. If you are buying online then as soon the product arrives it is best to try working out in the product. Many elliptical machines might not have adjusting features and the frame might touch your knees which running.


Unlike treadmills, the user body gets elevated while working out in the elliptical machine. The size of the elliptical machine ranges from 6 feet to 2.5 feet. As the body is elevated, you may hit the ceiling. Before buying check out for the space, the machine may require. You have to look for adequate space for to safely get on the machine and safely get off it.

Safety Features

User should cautiously go for trusted brands while buying any fitness instrument. Safety is a big factor while choosing the right exercise machine. In case of while elliptical machine this factor is more important as there are lot adjustable option and parts. Most of the famous brands are tested in elliptical machines. It is important to look for children using the elliptical machines. There are many gapes and moving parts and children may be stuck into parts. As elliptical machine includes heavy machinery, being trapped can be dangerous.


Workout in elliptical machine includes hands and legs combined. There is a handle which moves in synchronization to the peddle. In some machines, the handle is so awkwardly positioned that the user cannot get the view of the digital monitor. The customer should look for the safety gears and grips in the peddle and the handle. The handle sometimes is so awkwardly shaped that it may whack your elbow. The narrow machine is more preferred over the wider ones. The user needs to buy the product keeping in mind the comfortable width.


Docks for iPods –

People love to work out while listening to their favorite music. The music helps in longer workouts so it is must to have an iPod stand.

USB Ports –

The user can save user defined data in the USB to keep track of the fitness.

Electronic Programming-

Elliptical machines allow setting your workout schedule according to your input. With the electronic programming user can practice target based workout and exercise accordingly.

Heart Rate Monitor –

Heart patients are advised to do regular work outs to keep them healthy. However, the wrong amount of exercise can be proved dangerous. The heart rate monitor keeps a track of your work out based on the current heart rate.

Adjustable –

Setting up elliptical machine is the most important part of the use. You may need to shift it to different rooms according to your use. However, being such a complex mechanism it may seem difficult to adjust it. Good brands have better options to adjust the product according to comfort level.

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