Adjust Your Workout Regimen to Stay Lean After Menopause

Workout Regimen

The chemical makeup of the body changesover time.This happens in response to fluctuations in hormonal levels that occur as we age. Particularly during and after menopause for women, metabolism is slowed and weight that is gained is not shed as easily as before. For women who want to get into shape or maintain their health later in life, altering diet and exercise routines that are no longer effective is absolutely necessary. That’s why it’s important to keep learning about health and diet as you age, so that you never fall behind your fitness goals.

When estrogen levels drop during menopause, muscle and bone mass begin to deteriorate. That’s why it is essential for older women to add strength training to their exercise routines, as simply doing cardio-based workouts is no longer enough. Unfortunately, many older women are not educated in proper weight lifting techniques or exercises. A helpful first step may be to try out a personal trainer. Trainers know the right exercises, the right form, and will make sure their client is working out safely and effectively, so they don’t risk injury that can set them further back than if they hadn’t exercised at all. (There’s nothing worse than mustering up the willpower to begin a new workout regimen only to have to sit out for weeks as your body heals!)

Another important element in regaining health in later years is diet. Even someone who watches what they eat already should be aware that a changing metabolism requires different nutrients. For example, not as many calories are needed as before, which makes lean protein a must to keep the body fuelled. A personal trainer which takes a holistic, whole-body approach to your health, such as those at Fitness Solutions Plus in the Greater Toronto Area, will be well aware of the changing metabolic needs of their clients. They can put together meal plans and give advice about what is best for your body in order to maximize your workouts.

As the body ages, high impact exercise can cause excess pain. Exercises like swimming and cycling feel better on the body, but are unfortunately not enough. The body requires weight-bearing activities to protect against debilitating conditions like osteoporosis. As a personal trainer at Fitness Solutions Plus will be happy to explain to you, that’s why walking and running are actually incredibly beneficial in later years. One main problem older women face is the understandable desire to “take it easy.” But doing this will be detrimental towards muscle-building, fat loss, and to overall health. Pushing oneself is key to enduring fitness later in life.

Age is not synonymous with disability. Postmenopausal women should not feel incapable of being just as fit and healthy as they were before. If you’d like to read more about some of the ways you can maintain your health as you age, check out You must adapt your workout routineto the changes in your body instead of fighting against them! Meeting with a knowledgeable personal trainer is the best way to do that.

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