How to Protect Your Family from Electromagnetic Frequency

Electromagnetic Frequency

Progression in technology entails advancement in the devices we use in everyday living. Almost all electronic equipment used at home, particularly cellphones, televisions and laptops, emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that can have a detrimental effect on your well-being. Most people around the world have access to their devices and WiFi 24/7 at school, at work or at home.

Many people also spend too much time on social media but what they don’t realise is that while they take delight in browsing over their newsfeed, radio frequency (RF) emissions are slowly damaging the cells of the body. This can lead to disrupted sleep, hyperactivity, dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain and even serious health issues like cancer and brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Regrettably at this time even children are exposed to gadgets, and often most parents allow them to use these, so they can keep still. Today, experts are now concerned about increasing awareness of cell phone radiation protection.

Being exposed to radiation may be inevitable but it can be regulated. Here are some ways to avoid the harmful effects of EMF:

  1. Be strict when it comes to the use of cellphones. For your children, you can allow a specific number of hours for them to use the phone but make sure that you are strict in implementing this rule. You will be surprised that limited exposure to cellphones can help them to sleep soundly and they will have more time playing outside with their siblings or friends.
  2. Limit social media. While social media can keep you updated with the latest buzz and stories about your family and friends, it is still a good idea to limit yourself in checking your newsfeed. You can engage in other activities like spending more time with your children or reading a book.
  3. Turn off your phone and WiFi when not in use. This is advisable especially during the night because even if you are not using your gadgets and WiFi router, but they are still connected, electromagnetic radiation is still emitted which can cause harm to the brain and deter sound sleep.
  4. Keep your distance. Placing your cellphone in your bra can promote breast cancer, and for men who always put their phone in their pocket it has been proven to affect sperm count negatively, or worse, lead to infertility.
  5. Use an EMF shielding device. If it is a must that you have WiFi turned on at all times, you might need a shielding device to protect you. There are various devices available online that are proven to shield from the harmful effects of EMF on the body.

These are just some of the ways to lessen the harmful effect of radiation on your body. While it is a trend to connect digitally, let us not forget that these devices can also reduce the time that we spend with our family.



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