Are Your Genes to Blame for Your Obesity?

People who are fat are constantly blamed for their condition. This is because it is a known fact that eating too much and moving too little is directly linked to becoming obese. However, it now appears that genes play a strong role in obesity as well, and the fact is that you cannot help your genes. What has been discovered is that your genes are responsible for polymorphism, which is how your appetite and metabolism is controlled. There are a number of genetic conditions, which may be ra...

Conquer Attitudes and Myths That Keep You From Losing Weight

weight loss
If you are trying to lose weight you will be bombarded with advice from all directions.  You will hear or read about dieting advice that seems radical or contradictory to each other.  The problem is that much of that advice is not based in scientific fact or is is even built simply on often repeated myth.  You may find that each time you have tried to follow a diet plan, you ended up feeling miserable and still lost little or no weight.  However, understanding what is myth and what is fact can s...

Have realistic goals! Key to successful weight loss

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Losing weight is a lot easier than meets the eye. There’s a basic principle that one should apply – you have to burn more calories in a day than you eat. However, very few people can understand how that can be done successfully. Some choose to adhere to another principle – include healthy foods into your diet, exercise and you’ll lose weight. But then again, you have to have some knowledge of portion control and calorie intake to make that happen. Believe it or not, losing weight is easier than ...

5 Good Things about Obesity – But You Still Have to Lose Weight

We always here that obesity is bad for us, and there is no denying that it is. It is a true health pandemic, and the first in recorded history that is not caused by an infectious disease. The health conditions associated with obesity are terrible and in many cases lethal. However, they do say that there is always a silver lining. One of those is that there are bariatric procedures available to help you resolve the situation. The other thing is that there are actually five advantages to being...

Weight-loss surgeries – great option for those who can’t achieve or maintain a healthy weight

Weight-loss surgeries
Obesity is often in the news and is recognized as one of the biggest health issues facing the western world in modern times. The reason for the increase in the average weight has been attributed to a lack of exercise and an increase in processed foods. Unfortunately, the hectic lives that most people lead does not allow them the time to create proper food and budgets may not stretch to include the organic, higher quality produce. The result of this is an increasing number of people wi...

The most effective way to burn fat … cardio or weights?

For most people who have just started reading this post the answer to the question what is the most effective way to burn fat ... cardio or weights? They would clearly and undoubtedly would answer that the cardio. As you follow me often asking this question let us refresh this issue which we discussed some time ago. Although most people who say cardio would agree were to ask, the reality is that before I answer that we must have a clear concepts that can make us change our opinion. The advan...