The Golden Years: How Live in Care Impacts Elderly Life

The Golden Years: How Live in Care Impacts Elderly Life

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Many of us know what it’s like to see a loved one get older – to the point where they’re no longer in control of certain aspects of their life. It can be more than a little upsetting to witness, to see people so strong suddenly become so frail. Some families, especially in most Asian countries, do their best to take care of elderly loved ones, normally without any kind of help. While this is certainly possible (though difficult), the more common way of taking care of your loved ones is sending them off for residential care.

While both methods are viable, a third option is often seen as the best of both worlds, and that is through live in care. This method involves someone being hired as a caregiver, to live with the family so that the lifestyle of the individual in question isn’t disrupted as much. This ends up impacting the life of your loved one in certain, surprising ways.

Compared to other methods, family pets are completely viable

This particular advantage might surprise you, but a family pet can do a lot to help improve the quality of life. When you consider an individual who’s lived with a particular family pet for a long time, only to be separated from the pet when they’re moved to a nursing home, it becomes understandable how distressing that can be. It can’t be overstated just how important the presence of a furry (or feathered) companion can be to an elderly loved one. Being able to stay in the same place as the rest of their family while being granted a good deal of independence thanks to the caregiver, it’s no surprise why many elderly people prefer this system.

Couples will not be separated thanks to live in care

This is another often overlooked benefit that live in care has over the residential method. Most of the time, even if the couples are of the same age, only one will suffer enough problems that will merit a nursing home. This ends up with the two being separated, no longer able to live together. The golden years are supposed to be spent in relative calm and relaxation, and being separated from your spouse certainly doesn’t help. It’s never a pretty picture, and live in care fortunately alleviates this heart-breaking scenario.

The impact of live in care on the lives of the elderly in question as well as the rest of the family is a positive one no matter how you look at it. This is why it’s very important to get the best care agency possible. Your loved ones deserve to enjoy their golden years, and they have the best chance of doing so with a personal caregiver and proper home care.



Important Steps To Get Fit For The Ski Slopes

Important Steps To Get Fit For The Ski Slopes

Working Out Your Biomechanics

By training your body to move in an efficient way, you can be its own mechanic. Start by standing in front of a mirror (in shorts) with your feet parallel. Make sure you maintain a skiing position, and check the following.

Knees – Look at how your knees are lined up. Imagine there is a dot on the center of the knee cap. Now make a vertical line straight to the floor. Usually, this line should fall in a central position between the 2nd and 3rd toe. But in most persons, this line falls closer to the big toe or even on the floor between their feet.

Weight Distribution

A person’s weight should be balanced over the center of his/her skis. But most people would sit down putting excessive strain on the knees and quads muscles. This will take their weight into the back of the skis, which will cause loss of control.

While you keep the pelvis neutral, make sure you bend the knees into a skiing position. Now see where the hips are moving. Stand up again, and now bend the knees while the weight is coming forward, similar to when you are going to tip over. You should not place any bodyweight on the front of the ski boots. When you balance the weight forward from the core, you will ensure that the weight is balanced over the center of the skis. This will ensure maximum ability and control in order to turn your skis smoothly.

Strength And Power

The quadriceps muscles or the front of the thigh and the gluteal muscles or the back of your thigh are considered the major power muscles used during skiing. You can train these muscles with exercises like split squats, lunges, cycling, deep squats and step ups. Never use wall squats which may translate into skiing with weight on your heels. Quads training is most often a neglected element of strength. Quads will work in two ways on a slope. They help straighten your knees as well as control it from a straight position to a bent position. This process is called eccentric strengthening which is essential for ski training.

The quads will not work eccentrically during cycling. It is the hamstring that helps bend your knee when cycling. Perform step-downs off a step to work the quads eccentrically. You must have the alignment in a perfect way during such workouts. Start with 30 reps and add more weight when you feel it easier to do.

Next is to work your lateral hip muscles such as the gluteus medius. Skiing is a sport that relies on extensive external hip rotation. This is why it is important to train these muscles. One of the best workouts in this regard is the clam exercise. Lie on your side with the hips and knees placed in a skiing position. Keep the ankles together and the hips steady and lift the top knee. This should be done like a clam opening and closing.

You will feel the muscle working in the outside of the buttock. Repeat this for at least 30 times, and practice the same movement in a standing position. This is essential for you to learn to use these muscle groups while skiing. Once you have finished building fitness and strength, move onto the propulsive movements. The best way to start is by jumping sideways on and off a step. Start with a lower step and gradually go higher. This will help you on steep narrow slopes. Fast movements are essential during such times. Keep your alignment perfect at all times.

Cardiovascular Fitness

When you have a good alignment, your body will work so efficiently that you can get away with a lower level of cardiovascular fitness. But you don’t have perfect alignment, interval training is one of the most efficient forms of training for you. Try a step machine or cycling to work some of the main muscles used during skiing.


When you are skiing, you need flexibility when you fall over. Some people have muscle groups that are tight such as the hips and calfs. It is essential that you stretch these muscle groups. Don’t do static stretching before exercises. Dynamic stretching is far more superior in this regard.

Helping a Friend Struggling with Alcoholism

Helping a Friend Struggling with Alcoholism


Alcoholism is an equal opportunity offender—a disease that can have an impact on anyone and everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, affluence, or stage in life. In other words, nobody is impervious to it—and it’s possible that your friend or loved one could be struggling with alcohol addiction.

If you notice a loved one exhibiting some of the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, it’s important that you take action to show them compassion and care—and hopefully, urge them to seek recovery. How exactly can you do this, though?

Setting Expectations

The first thing to be clear about is that you cannot force anyone to change. You cannot make anyone admit to a problem with alcoholism, much less seek help. Your aim shouldn’t be to “fix” anyone. It should simply be to provide encouragement and support as needed.

Hopefully, that culminates in your loved one seeking treatment from a rehab center in California, or wherever you happen to live. A California rehab center will provide the clinical approach that is needed to managing the symptoms of alcoholism—something you can’t do all on your own.

Educating Yourself

Something else that is important is developing your own understanding of how alcoholism works. Remember that you are dealing with someone who has a disease, but likely also a high level of denial. You need to empower and equip yourself to address the situation wisely and lovingly.

There are plenty of sources of alcohol abuse help you can turn to. You might consider books, blogs, or even open support group meetings. In some cases, it may even be necessary to contact an alcohol addiction treatment facility to request help for an intervention.

Being Compassionate Without Being Enabling

As for the tone you adopt in talking to your loved one about alcoholism, the best rule of thumb is to be compassionate and empathetic—not accusatory. Avoid you statements—i.e., “you are drinking too much.” Instead focus on I statements that emphasize feelings and relationships—i.e., “I love you and am worried about your health.”

It is critical to be loving without being enabling, though. The last thing you want is for your good intentions to be taken advantage of. Avoid loaning money to an addict, for instance, unless it is a true life-and-death scenario.


Enlist the Support of Others

As you confront your loved one about his or her alcoholism, discretion is key. Try to do it in a quiet and private place. You don’t want to make it seem like you are trying to embarrass or ambush the person in a public place.

With that said, you may also wish to share your concerns with other family members and close friends. If an intervention is needed, it will likely mean more if it comes from more than one of you.

Again, the goal is always to encourage the person to seek alcohol abuse treatment—and if you need further guidance, reaching out to an alcohol recovery center is always a smart idea.

Latest apps that can help you live healthy and stay fit

Latest apps that can help you live healthy and stay fit

The New Year is the traditional time to start thinking about getting fit; despite your best efforts you may have added a few pounds to your body over the course of the last year. Now is the time to act and there are an abundance of apps which can help you both live healthier and reach peak fitness:

stay fit


This app will provide nutritional information and the quantity of calories in almost any food. It doesn’t matter if you are in a posh restaurant, McDonald’s or just your local supermarket, this app will provide the information you need to get back in shape and look better than ever.


There are two ways to remain motivated when starting a new exercise program. You either need to have a specific goal; such as weight loss for a wedding. Or, you need to add a little friendly competition. Strava does exactly that. You will need a GPs device, then simple log the data from your exercise into Strata and compete against others around the world that is doing the same activity.

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

This app will guide you through a seven minute workout which you can complete virtually anywhere. It is perfect for those that want to get fitter but don’t have the time to visit the gym.



One of the most difficult parts of exercise is half way through when you are struggling to continue. A common solution is to use music to help you keep going; and it works! RockMyRun provides a playlist for you to exercise to; but the really neat trick is that it will play music which latches the tempo of your heartbeat; helping you to keep going all the time!


Fitness and health go hand in hand. Whether you have injured yourself when exercising or simply feel under the weather it is sometimes essential to visit a doctor. Many of us put this off, due to time constraints. However, this app allows you to pay a virtual visit to the doctor at any time of the day or night. Amwell can even send your heart rate and other vital stats to the doctor!

healthy app


Sometimes you don’t want to be checking each item of food to find its nutritional content and piecing your meal together. This app will give you food options based in your search criteria, enter your calorie requirement and whether you want low carb or high protein and the pp will give you a whole range of menu options.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is an app for those who are trying to add muscle to their bodies. It provides a huge list if workout exercises, exact instructions and areas of the body which will benefit. You can even measure your muscles and update the app to watch them grow on screen!

FitStar Personal Trainer

This app will ask you a simple set of questions after you have completed a workout. Your answers will enable it to set your next workout; to ensure your body is pushed; without being pushed too far.


This app will allow you to follow a video from a personal trainer. There is a huge range to choose from. At the same time Fitnet will video you via the camera on your phone. It can then provide a detailed analysis of how well you kept up and which areas need to be worked on.

Zombies, Run! 3

This game app is designed to help motivate you to keep moving and have a bit of fun while doing so! You will get reward points for every step you take; whether running or walking. The rewards help you to obtain tools and supplies to protect the human race from the impending zombie invasion. You can also link with others around the world using the same app!

There are lots of apps out there that can help you get back in shape and feel and look better. However, no matter what you do, just make sure to combine a proper workout routine with proper nutrition. Drink plenty of water and stay away from too much salt and sugar. This way you’ll look fit and look healthier than ever.

By Alfred Stallion and!

10 things you must do to start a healthy lifestyle

10 things you must do to start a healthy lifestyle

You lead a healthy life is based on three pillars: food, exercise and rest. Today we are going to propose 10 Habits or things to do to start a healthy lifestyle. Often there is an intention to lead a healthy lifestyle, but do not know where to start. By changing or acquiring the habits that we propose is achieved directing a fairly healthy life. Only this must be made:


  1. Change your shopping list: key to start improving your diet.A good diet is begun making a healthy purchase. Focus on fresh produce and avoid processed foods. Most foods should be fruits and vegetables, without forgetting the meat and fish.
  2. Learn to cook: the second step to start eating right.If you do not know how to cook, you will surely end up eating convenience foods or “anything” that we find in the refrigerator.Healthy culinary techniques such as steamed, grilled, oven, it will be essential to make our diets healthier. Knowing how to cook saves calories and improves the taste of our shopping list.
  3. Drink water and limit soft drinks, and alcohol consumption: One of the great scourges of the diet is the amount of calories we drink.The water should be the main drink soda or alcohol and sporadic, taking in a timely manner during the week drinks. If we are able to assimilate this habit, we have a lot of cattle.
  4. healthy life

  5. Fruits and vegetables should not miss: we can not go a day without taking food from these groups.They are the ones we provide much of vitamins, minerals and fiber, essential nutrients for normal development of the organism.Try that’s in any main meal is at least one food from each group.
  6. Exercise daily: one of the cornerstones for a healthy life.Here the main thing is to choose a sport that motivates you and you like it, to do it daily.About 30 minutes of daily physical activity represent a huge boost to your health. And if one day you do not have time, do albeit 15 minutes of jogging or exercises at home: anything goes.
  7. Forget the sedentary: climbing stairs, going to work or cycle riding not spend more than 30 minutes on the couch … they are small gestures of everyday life that make ushealthier and less sedentary. Avoid anything that is sitting idle and go outside to move.
  8. Reduce stress in your life: this is one of the most neglected aspects that are usually not taken into account.Try to minimize your stress level, which usually occurs especially at work.Too much stress leads to chronic fatigue for a longer happy life, something very important if we want a happy life.
  9. Upgrade your sleep habits: a schedule of regular rest can help us a lot to recover from the fatigue of the previous day.A good mattress, an optimal environment for rest and sleep of 7-8 hours finding our sleep schedule will help you sleep. Avoid lying or watching mobile TV, are stimuli that hinder sleep.
  10. Limit consumption of salt and sugar: both tend to be very present in the diet. Recently theWHOdeclined the recommendations of sugar in the diet. For this it is very important to know the food read the nutrition labeling and know what amounts of sugar and salt we eat daily. Excess sugar contributes to obesity and excess salt hypertensive fed processes.
  11. Enter fiber in your diet: fiber is undoubtedly the most overlooked of the diet. It is very important to regulate bowel movements and to produce feelings of fullness that will make us move on with no calories.Thebenefits of fiber will make the body work better. Foods like fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, hence also its importance in the diet.

You see, some habits are easy to buy, just have to pay a little attention. Others, however, require more effort and continuity. In general, start a healthy lifestyle requires change eating habits, start to exercise and pay attention to a good rest. If you want, you can, you just have to start from the number one spot and keep up to ten.