All You Need to know about ALL Kinds of Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are the new breakthrough in the inside running exercise machines. The machine’s mechanics mimics the motion of running without the actual impact. People with knee problems cannot run for long hours as work out session. The best option for them is the elliptical machine. A normal session of workout in elliptical machine includes 30 minutes of working out. In 30 minutes of work out session, a human body can burn 180 to 270 calories. Normal treadmills have an impact on legs ...

Latest apps that can help you live healthy and stay fit

healthy app
The New Year is the traditional time to start thinking about getting fit; despite your best efforts you may have added a few pounds to your body over the course of the last year. Now is the time to act and there are an abundance of apps which can help you both live healthier and reach peak fitness: MyFitnessPal This app will provide nutritional information and the quantity of calories in almost any food. It doesn’t matter if you are in a posh restaurant, McDonald’s or just your local s...