Top healthy fruits you should be eating right now

We know it’s hard to stay healthy. So many snack temptations come our way, and if everyone else is eating junk, it’s hard to resist. But having some fruit on a daily basis really helps to boost health, and most of the offerings in the world of fruits actually taste very nice. We can’t eat fruit all the time, but the following fruits, if you integrate them regularly, should help to boost your immune system and make you a healthier person all round. All of them are pretty easy to find too, and...

Latest apps that can help you live healthy and stay fit

healthy app
The New Year is the traditional time to start thinking about getting fit; despite your best efforts you may have added a few pounds to your body over the course of the last year. Now is the time to act and there are an abundance of apps which can help you both live healthier and reach peak fitness: MyFitnessPal This app will provide nutritional information and the quantity of calories in almost any food. It doesn’t matter if you are in a posh restaurant, McDonald’s or just your local s...

10 things you must do to start a healthy lifestyle

healthy life
You lead a healthy life is based on three pillars: food, exercise and rest. Today we are going to propose 10 Habits or things to do to start a healthy lifestyle. Often there is an intention to lead a healthy lifestyle, but do not know where to start. By changing or acquiring the habits that we propose is achieved directing a fairly healthy life. Only this must be made: Change your shopping list: key to start improving your diet.A good diet is begun making a healthy purchase. Focus on ...